“Stash Ur Lash” and “Stuck On Me” Bundle💕

Slumber Party Cosmetics

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Real 25mm 3D Mink EyeLash Extensions and Eyelash Glue 

Our Slumber Party Real 3D Mink “Stash Ur Lash Secrets Lashes” 💕💕Whats better than a compact case w/ mirror to “Stash Ur Lash!  

✨(Lashes comes packaged inside “Stash Ur Lash” compact mirror case can be worn up to 30 times with proper care)

Peel plastic film off mirror before use. 

And... our “Stuck On Me” 💕 Eyelash Glue. Your choice of Black or White. Our glue is waterproof, DRIES FAST, stays on and easy to remove